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People learn in different ways, shifting between their ears (auditory), eyes (visual) and hands (kinesthetic).  However, some people favor or excel in one modality while struggling with the others.  While many people learn, think and work using many different approaches, some find one method much more effective than others.  People may work best using either a more linear approach (where one fact follows another in a sequential way), or a more inductive or simultaneous approach (where they pull together information from differing sources and integrate parts into a cohesive whole or gestalt). They may be more visual or auditory.  People can have more reflective or impulsive styles or may process information faster or slower than others.  

We provide in depth assessments to help people understand and detail their different learning styles or learning differences.  With this new understanding about how they learn and think, our clients are much better able to approach their academic subjects and career paths. Knowledge about one's learning style also helps in identifying potential weaknesses and developing compensatory strategies.

Learning Disabilities