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We have many years or experience and expertise in treating children, adolescents and adults individually, or as couples or families.  We offer individual, couple, or family therapy and provide problem-focused, short-term, intensive long-term therapy, or play therapy (for children) for a broad range of psychological issues.  



We specialize in providing psychotherapy for the following problems areas: 

Anxiety/Mood Disorders                                                 
Attention Difficulties
College Adjustment
Developmental Concerns
Dual Exceptionality
Eating Disorders/Eating Problems

Dr. Lombroso and Dr. Smith are independently licensed psychologists 
who maintain separate private practices and individual responsibility for client services.  Our services are scheduled by appointment only.  To obtain more information about our services or to make an appointment please contact us.
We work with children, adolescents and their families in managing developmental issues before they become more problematic.
When indicated, we work more intensively around troublesome problems on a more frequent or regular basis.

Educational Concerns
Learning Differences/Disabilities
Relationship Issues