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We are independently licensed psychologists who offer a wide variety of psychological services in the Boston Metro-West area.   We maintain separate private practices as well as individual responsibility for client services.  We 
provide assessment/testing, consultation, and psychotherapy services to children, adolescents, and adults.  In addition to offering expertise and experience in specialty areas, we also work with general psychological issues such as anxiety, mood disorders, stress, and relationships problems.  
Specialty Groups          

Adults/Young Adults
Children/Young Children
College Students 

Anxiety/Mood Issues
College Adjustment
Developmental Issues
Dual Exceptionality
Eating Disorders
Learning Disabilities 
​Parenting Issues
Relationship Issues

​            Services

Educational Consultation
Educational Testing
Family Therapy
Giftedness Testing
Individual Psychotherapy
Neuropsychological Testing
School Consultation

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Anna Lombroso, M.Ed., Ph.D.                       Elizabeth Pfaelzer Smith, Ph.D.
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