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A learning disability is a disorder that significantly affects how people with average, above average, or even gifted intelligence take in, retain, retrieve or express information.  Individuals with learning disabilities may also have difficulty with paying attention, memory and/or organizational skills.  Learning disabilities are not visible and therefore, teachers, parents, and peers often do not understand the challenges faced by individuals struggling with learning disabilities.  The following is a list of some common disability areas:

Reading Skills (e.g. Dyslexia)
Auditory Processing 
Nonverbal Learning Abilities
Visual/Spatial Abilities
Mathematical Skills (e.g. Dyscalculia)
Visual Processing Speed 
Executive Processing (e.g. working memory, attention, organization)
Verbal Learning Abilities
Memory (e.g. long-term, retrieval, short-term)

Discovering if you or your child has a learning disability requires a comprehensive assessment by a qualified professional who specializes in evaluating intellectual, cognitive, attentional and academic functioning.  If a significant discrepancy is identified within or between one of these areas, a learning disability diagnosis is often made.  With a comprehensive evaluation, parents and teachers can develop an educational plan to provide accommodations and remediation for learning difficulties. We can help in this process by not only providing assessment of children, adolescents and adults, but also by giving feedback, and supplying an in depth written report with recommendations for children, parents and schools.  In addition, we also consult with schools about appropriate learning strategies and accommodations.

Learning Styles/Learning Differences