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Verbally precocious, early language development
High vocabulary, advanced verbal reasoning skills 
Incredible memory
Intuitive understanding of numbers or patterns
Unusual ability in math at an early age
Advanced puzzles skills, mechanical abilities, builds elaborate structures
Unusual visual spatial abilities
Rapid learning, little need for repetition, learns things w/o formal instruction
Unusually long attention span
Very inquisitive, asks many in depth questions
Highly developed sense of humor
Obsessed with knowing all aspects of specific areas of interest
Creative thinking, divergent problem solving, advanced logical reasoning
Heightened sense of morality or justice
Perfectionism, intensity, sensitivity, less need for sleep
Exceptional abilities in other areas (e.g. art, music, sports, leadership, social)
Many gifted children may exhibit only some of these characteristics.  
Gifted children also may have asynchronous development meaning that 
they do not develop evenly in all areas simultaneously.  Because of this it is important to re-assess young children as they grow older to understand their evolving cognitive abilities as they mature.

Dual Exceptionality

School Readiness