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We provide assessment and testing to children, adolescents and adults.  The following is a list of common reasons for assessment or testing:   

Attention Deficit Disorders (ADHD) 
Accurate diagnosis is often difficult in individuals with ADHD as many ADHD symptoms overlap with issues such as giftedness, learning disabilities, mood disorders, anxiety, and Autism Spectrum/Asperger's Syndrome.  We provide comprehensive assessments that make use of many information sources to best understand the whole person.  Assessments may include testing (e.g. cognitive, intellectual, academic, and/or emotional), school observations, parent, teacher, and self-report checklists, developmental histories, and intake interviews with clients, parents, or significant others.  We also provide supplementary testing for individuals being assessed for ADHD by other professionals, and supplementary testing following school assessments to better understand attentional issues.  

Dual Exceptionality 
We are especially interested in working with gifted individuals of all ages who may also have learning disabilities/differences, attention deficit disorders, attention issues, or performance anxiety that can interfere with an individuals ability to fully demonstrate their knowledge/skills.  We often find that intellectual giftedness can mask learning or attentional issues resulting in misperceptions about capabilities, and failure to receive services to challenge giftedness or compensate/address disabilities/differences.    

Intellectual Giftedness
We provide assessment and testing for individuals of all ages who may have superior or gifted intellectual/academic abilities, including the highly or profoundly gifted.  We administer intellectual ability (IQ) tests to children ages 3 and older.  Assessments provide specific test result information but also include information about factors impacting the accuracy of test results, an individual's approach or style during the testing, detailed written reports and recommendations, and provide verbal feedback available to parents within a few days of testing.  We make sure parents understand the tests, test results, and recommendations.  We are able to administer the Wechsler (WPPSI, WISC, WAIS ), and Stanford-Binet intellectual ability tests, as well as individual academic achievement tests that can measure advanced academic abilities. Selection of appropriate tests is made on an individual basis in consultation with parents or schools requesting testing.   

Learning Disabilities/Learning Style Differences 
We provide assessment and testing for individuals of all ages to identify, clarify, and document learning disabilities,  learning differences, or learning style issues.  Identifying learning disabilities helps people qualify for and receive additional services (e.g. IEPs, extra time on tests, tutoring, speech 
and language or occupational therapy services) and provides a better understanding of strengths and weaknesses, ways individuals learn best, and appropriate interventions or accommodations.  We provide evaluations for high school and college/graduate students needing documentation for disability accommodations (e.g. extended time on standardized tests) as well as children and adults experiencing difficulties in their current learning or work environments.    

School Readiness 
Testing and assessment information is very helpful to parents and schools when making decisions about grade acceleration, grade retention, early or delayed admission to Kindergarten, and appropriate grade placement for summer or fall birthday children.  We assess each child's intellectual, social and emotional readiness for Kindergarten, or grade advancement and consider standardized testing along with maturational competence.